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Do you ever wonder about the difference between locally grown flowers and those you can pick up in a grocery store? There are multiple reasons as to why buying your flowers fresh from a local grower is overall the best choice.

Locally grown flowers are picked fresh and arranged immediately. It’s the closest you can get to picking them yourself, but without any of the dirty work! The flowers go straight from the fields and into your hands, meaning you get to enjoy them for their entire life span. Transit can take up to a week – a week with no access to water, being tossed around – meaning your grocery store bunch may only last a few days once it finally makes it home.

For those who are concerned about their carbon footprint, buying local is an easy way to reduce the impact. Nearly 80% of flowers are imported, generally from South America,  so not only do they not last as long, but flying or shipping flowers adds to unnecessary emissions. They are also grown using pesticides, herbicides and fungicides, none of which you’d want in your home! In addition, the plastic waste accumulated from the shipping process is enough to make anyone shudder. 

Not only that, but only certain flower varieties are able to survive the travel, so you’d be missing out on hundreds of varieties of flowers that are only available locally. Take a look in your neighbourhood florist, it will open up a whole world of new fragrant blooms that are available.As an avid flower lover, Amanda makes it her mission to seek out unusual and rare seeds to grow and loves to be able to share speciality blooms with her customers.

Buying local is also an excellent way to show support to your community. Small businesses rely on the loyalty of their customers to keep local gem’s like Aura Rosa alive and thriving. Local growers care about their customers, after all, they’ll be the ones handing over your bouquet directly. Amanda is proud to promote sustainably grown, locally sourced, and seasonal flowers. Will you be picking up your next bunch at a grocery store, or buying locally?